Thursday, 15 August 2013

New Mexico offers ISO 9001 Certification Classes for Aspiring Companies

It seems that New Mexico is offering ISO 9001 certification classes. Spearheaded by the New Mexico Economic Development Department (EDD), in cooperation with the Mexico Manufacturing Extension. The program, dubbed “New Mexico 9000”, aims to help companies to meet the certification standards to be able to compete with other certified companies. The ISO certification is a universally recognized mark, and many professional organizations worldwide honor it. Being ISO certified involves third party certification bodies, such as the International Standards Authority Inc. These groups send auditors to assess aspiring companies if the company pass ISO standards. Once the standards have been sufficiently met, only then will the certification body deem it fit to be certified. New Mexico’s classes help companies identify elements that need changing so they can meet the strict requirements. It may seem hard to pass, but once earned, a company will be well-respected by clients and competitors al

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