Saturday, 27 September 2014

Companies Avoid Electrostatic Discharge by Getting ESD 20:20 Certified

Certified static-free Since the realization of how much damage can be caused by ESD, industry giants together with local government have conspired to create a process called ESD 20:20, which is offered by ISO certification services. This attests that the product was built in a static-free environment, assuring customers of its top quality and functionality. Besides implementing the measures stated above for avoiding ESD, the factory environment needs to be ionized to neutralize static buildups, and the products are required to be stored and shipped in static-proof material. Quality assurance Customers deserve to be confident about whatever they’re purchasing. The ISO and ESD certificates are manufacturers’ way of giving them just that. Where there is customer confidence, there is more business.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Plane without AS9120 Certified Parts Might Crash with its Maker

For safety’s sake Quality management standards need to be stringent, especially for the aerospace industry because lives and substantial investments are on the line. With so much at stake, plane manufacturers need to go the extra mile to find certification bodies like International Standards Authority, Inc. to conduct an external audit for them after an internal team does one initially. Auditors check for adherence to standards set by the aerospace industry, ensures the parts are traceable, and certifies that the manufacturing processes are sound and reliable. In the event of negative findings, auditors will have to be made aware of how those findings will be corrected or addressed. Only then will genuine AS9120 certification be issued.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Working with an ISO 9001 Registrar to Achieve ISO 9001 Certification

Kraft writes that the critical first step to the process is to familiarize all employees on what the business intends to do. Additionally, employees must be trained on their existing quality management system (QMS). The employees should be made aware of how the procedures relate to ISO 9001. Afterward, Kraft suggests that companies select a certification body. Consulting an ISO 9001 registrar means the companies have a partner to help them achieve the certification they have set their mind on. The registrar can conduct a pre-assessment which will involve document review. It is therefore recommended that before companies ask a registrar to do a pre-assessment, they have the appropriate documentation in place already, such as hard copies of training manuals, work flows or processes, and others.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Revision Measures in Motion for ISO 9001 Standard with 2015 Deadline

One of the biggest modifications to the present ISO 9001 standard is the addition of the Annex SL, which will provide a consistent structure containing 10 clauses as well as common definitions and terms to be applied across all ISO Management System Standards (MSS). Annex SL will be applied to every ISO MSS, and in fact, can already be seen in several of the other ISO standards such as the ISO 27001 which is the worldwide IT security standard. The publication of the updated ISO 9001 is expected by the end of 2015, and a transition period of about two years is provided to help organizations, companies, and individuals ease into the change. The International Organization for Standardization will be giving guidance regarding the shift into the new standard, but certification bodies such as the International Standards Authority, Inc.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Slow and Steady: Making the AS9100 Cut Requires Adequate Preparations

A prime element that auditors look for is the existence of a working quality management system (QMS). The author reflected on his experiences of working with a certain company over three months to assemble their own QMS and hone it so that an Accredited AS Registrar will have little problems auditing it over one full cycle. What was key to the QMS’ completion, he adds, was an upper management that was willing to get it done for the company’s benefit. In seeking AS9100 certification, reputable auditing firms like ISA will stress the key components in making sure the related QMS is up to par. They include accuracy of product design specs, risk management, and effective handling of the supply chain, especially when you have subcontractors working for you. You will even have to provide auditors with data on your clients, approval methods, and the employees’ job descriptions.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Small Business Getting ISO 9001 Certification? Everything is Possible

A check of your business model and target markets also warrants scrutiny during the auditing– even customers and clients place higher importance on companies that adhere to stringent industry standards. The article cited the case of a small Northern California printing company that supplies various products to a popular semi-truck maker. The officials decided to have the company certified for ISO9000 in an effort to expand their operations without compromising product quality. Attaining ISO certification 9001 may be the beginning of greater fortunes for your company. According to Callaghan and Schnoll, a company with such distinctions can train employees to be more accountable in the workflow and output, lower production costs, and increase competitiveness in the market, among others. Don’t you think it’s time your small business aimed higher?