Friday, 19 September 2014

Slow and Steady: Making the AS9100 Cut Requires Adequate Preparations

A prime element that auditors look for is the existence of a working quality management system (QMS). The author reflected on his experiences of working with a certain company over three months to assemble their own QMS and hone it so that an Accredited AS Registrar will have little problems auditing it over one full cycle. What was key to the QMS’ completion, he adds, was an upper management that was willing to get it done for the company’s benefit. In seeking AS9100 certification, reputable auditing firms like ISA will stress the key components in making sure the related QMS is up to par. They include accuracy of product design specs, risk management, and effective handling of the supply chain, especially when you have subcontractors working for you. You will even have to provide auditors with data on your clients, approval methods, and the employees’ job descriptions.

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