Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Airlines are keeping your passengers safe by getting an AS9100 certification

An Associated Press report published by the Huffington Post indicates that more passengers are likely to survive plane crashes these days than in the past. This was made evident by the recent Asiana Airline's Flight 214 that crashed last July. Despite being almost destroyed, there were minimal injuries and only two deaths out of the 307 passengers. These would have been worse if it happened decades ago, where aerospace safety regulations such as AS9100 certification had not yet been introduced. An AS9100 certification is proof that airline companies uphold the best standards in all aspects of the business. This includes passenger service, airplane maintenance, security and safety, as well as work efficiency and better operations management. It paved the way for improvements in cockpit technology to change the nature and severity of airplane crashes. Issued by the International Standards Authority, Inc. or ISA, it ensures the highest quality of safety and performance to better serve

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