Monday, 16 June 2014

A Better ISO Registration System Awaits Developing Companies in 2015

ISO standards, including the registration process, are bound to be revised at least once every five years. Revisions are necessary to cope with the ever changing demands and laws that delimit the market. A draft of the revised standards is often shown to the public prior to implementation to allow companies planning to get certification from an authorized ISO 9001 registrar to have a glimpse of the potential requirements, which in turn will help hasten the certification process.

Certification bodies like the International Standards Authority are the first ones to be influenced by the major changes in the upcoming revised ISO 9001. For businesses planning to get certification from any of them, it’s crucial to be well-oriented on the developments in the standards before registering or being accredited. For certain, all these changes will apply to the registration process and to the rules governing the maintenance of the certification.

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