Tuesday, 17 December 2013

ISO Registration: Helping Companies Achieve Success and Maximize Profitability

"We then audit our performance against those standards and procedures, and we have a mechanism for continuous improvement... It's a tremendous tool for training new employees, and for sharing among co–workers our mistakes, which become learning opportunities for all." Dolder is convinced achieving the registration is helping his company grow and thrive. It's annual revenues were about $7 million before the recession. The company has averaged under $5 million the last four years, but in 2012 will exceed $9 million, Dolder said. There are many other companies who are in the same situation and the only way to get out of such a predicament and enjoy lasting results is to implement quality management systems. There are a number of certification bodies like the International Standards Authority that offer ISO 9001 registration for small and large businesses.


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